How Do You Sell a Junk Car Without a Title?

Sometimes a car reaches the end of its life while still in your care, and when that happens, it might very well turn out that the papers, like registration etc. Have all become redundant. This, of course, makes it very hard to sell. But there are solutions to this problem.

Dismantle at home

In this situation you could, of course, dismantle the car entirely at home, and sell all the car parts online. But this whole process will take a lot of time. And a worst case scenario that isn’t at all unlikely is that you just plain won’t be able to sell certain things.


There is, of course, a better solution to this, and it is:

Sell in a wrecking yard

A wrecking yard will buy your junk car, regardless of whether you have registration or title. Of course, it will affect the amount of money you will get for the car. But it is the most pragmatic solution and good way to get the top cash for junk cars.

The reasons why are:

  1. Wrecking yards often offer free removal of your car. This is advantageous, especially when confronted with the time consuming alternative of having to sell part by part. Just give them a call and they come to your property and take care of business!
  1. All the paperwork associated with the sale will be taken care of completely by a member of their team. This definitely takes further hassle out of what is already a fairly straight forward process.
  1. If you are concerned for the environment, then selling to a wrecking yard will alleviate any green concerns, as these people tend to be experts in recycling processes and will ensure that everything will be disposed of properly. Check out how to turn your junk car into quick cash.


Abandon the car

Drive/Tow the car to a random street, and leave it there. However enticing this solution may seem, it is important one resists this urge, as it is not just illegal, but there will be no monetary compensation of any sort.

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